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allergen information

the bagels + schmear kitchen handles numerous ingredients + allergens. whilst we have strict controls in place to reduce the risk of contamination, unfortunately it is not possible for us to guarantee that our dishes will be 100% allergen or contamination-free

this guide lists the allergenic ingredients in each of our menu items + shows which are suitable for vegan + vegetarian diets

if you don’t find the information you need in our guide or are at all unsure of anything just ask a member of the team in the bakery, or drop us a message with your question

 does it contain             Is it suitable for 
Menu ItemCeleryCerealsCrustaceansEggs Fish Lupin MilkMolluscsMustardNutsPeanutsSesame SeedsSoyaSulph. DioxideVegansVegetarians
Plain BagelYes: WheatYesYes
Sesame BagelYes: WheatYesYesYes
Poppy BagelYes: WheatYesYes
Everything BagelYes: WheatYesYesYes
Sea Salt BagelYes: WheatYesYes
Bites/ChipsYes: WheatYesYesYes
Garlic B+tterYesYes
Cinnamon B+tterYesYes
NutellaYesYes: HazelnutsYesYes
Cream Cheese
Bacon + ScallionYes
Smoked SalmonYesYes
Dill + ChiveYesYes
Olive Oil + RosemaryYesYes
Roasted Garlic + Black PepperYesYes
MarmiteYesYes: Barley, Wheat, Oats, RyeYesYes
Cinnamon + RaisinYesYes
Banana PuddingYes: WheatYesYes
Lotus BiscoffYes: WheatYesYesYes
Peanut Butter + JellyYesYesYes
Classic SourdoughYes: Wheat, RyeYesYes
Wholemeal SourdoughYes: WheatYesYes
BaguetteYes: WheatYesYes
Roasted Onion BloomerYes: Wheat, RyeYesYes
Walnut + Date CobYes: Wheat, RyeYes: WalnutYesYes
Mixed Olive CobYes: WheatYesYes
Rosemary + Sea SaltYes: WheatYesYes
PumpernickelYes: Wheat, Rye, OatYesYesYes
MultigrainYes: Wheat, RyeYesYes
Chocolate Chip CookieYes: WheatYesYes
Cinnamon + Raisin CheesecakeYes: WheatYesYes
Blueberry CheesecakeYes: WheatYesYes
Lotus Biscoff CheesecakeYes: WheatYesYesYes
PB+J CheesecakeYes: WheatYesYesYes
Banana Pudding CheesecakeYes: WheatYesYes