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our story

bagels + schmear® all came about when founder, francesca found herself craving a ‘proper bagel’ during lockdown 1.0, the type of bagel she used to eat all the time during her time living in new york

they are different to the bagels she was brought up on from the jewish delis in north west london—they are crisp on the outside, pillowy + chewy on the inside + not to mention, double the size

realising there was nothing quite like it in london, she understood the only way of getting her hands on one this side of the pond was to bake some herself. so, whilst the world was busy making sourdough + banana bread, francesca was busy baking bagels…

starting merely as a side hustle alongside her corporate job from her mum’s kitchen, she soon bit the bullet + handed in her notice to take bagels + schmear full time

bagels + schmear is all about bringing the new york bagel culture to england. they don’t speak “bagel” in england + it’s time they did

for francesca, it was all about keeping it simple. 

bagels + schmear®, that’s it